“Zelda”, Doily Woman, At Home

Zelda, Doily Woman in her new home.

I’m always happy when any of my work finds it’s home and is appreciated.  I missed Zelda when she first left my studio.  She is such a presence.  But it’s good to see this picture that Mary Elaine sent to me of her hanging in her home.

I never would have thought to hang her in a corner, in a way, she almost has more dimension.  It’s good to see her again and I know from Mary Elaine’s email how much Zelda means to her.

The picture of the baby was in the house when Mary Elaine bought it.  She said at first she took it down, but she got a strong feeling that it really wanted to be there.  So she put it back.

It’s interesting the way the two interact with each other.  They seem to be telling a story, but I’m not sure what it is.

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