Joann’s Contribution To The Tiny Pricks Project

Joanne’s #tinyprick.  You can see it and all the other Tiny Pricks on Instagram, click here. 

When Joann bought the last of my wool and a Flying Vulva Decal she sent a note asking if I could include a hankie or linen for her to stitch a Tiny Prick on.

She had an idea to use one of Trump’s tweets concerning the impeachment proceedings.  So I went through the box of hankies that Cathy sent me which had belonged to her mother.  Cathy wrote in a note that I might be able to use one for a #tinyprick.

Thank you Cathy, so far I’ve used at least one myself and shared a few others with people who also wanted to be a part of The Tiny Pricks Project

When I saw the hankie from Washington DC I just had to send it to Joann.  I sent her a few other hankies too, so she could make her own choice about which one to use.

A week or so later Joann sent me this photo of her #tinyprick. 

She did such a great job, spacing the words around the  US Capitol and other buildings. And I love the way she used the red and blue thread.  A perfect #tinyprick really.

If anyone out there would like to make a #tinyprick and needs a vintage hankie or linen to embroider a Trump quote on, you can email me here at [email protected].  I’m happy to share the linens that people have been generous enough to share with me over the years.

You can find out how to participate in Diane Weymar’s Tiny Pricks Project here and see all the #tinypricks including Joann’s here.


3 thoughts on “Joann’s Contribution To The Tiny Pricks Project

  1. Maria you may already be aware of this but last week on her show she got so excited to share something. She did a big lead in and her share were Tiny Prick quotes from the impeachment hearings. She was totally taken by first of all the skill of the women who sent them to her but also the historic aspect of them. Had I not read your blog it would have been a new experience for me. So when I watch the news I learn something new but not always pleasant. When I read your blog I always learn something new about a host of topics and it’s always enjoyable. Thank you.
    Happy Thanksgiving Maria to you and Jon and your four legged family members.

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