News From The Barnyard, Asher In the Hay Feeder

Issachar and Asher next to him with his head buried in the hay and Biddy to his left.  While Issachar seems to love to pose for the camera, Asher is more shy about it. 

Today is rainy, icy and cold, a good day to be inside by the woodstove.

But yesterday morning the sun was shining when I fed the sheep and donkeys.  I was filling up the water bucket when I heard something that sounded like the sheep feeder being dragged around the barnyard.

I put down the bucket of water I was carrying and walked back to where the sheep were eating.  That’s when I saw our new wether Asher pulling his back legs into the feeder.  By the time I got to him, he was lying down in the feeder eating.  The rest of the sheep were eating around him as if it was something they did every day.

The feeder is made from slippery plastic and has a rounded bottom, so I’m sure it would have been hard for Asher to stand up in it.  I pushed and prodded him, helping him get his footing so he could jump out.

When our shearer Liz dropped the two-year-old wethers off at the farm she said they looked like teenaged boys with their long legs and slight bodies.  I thought the same when I saw Asher in the feeder.  That he was acting like a teenaged boy, trying to gobble down every piece of food in the refrigerator.

I have never seen one of our sheep do this before.  I’m glad I was there to help Asher out.  He hasn’t done it again and I hope learned not to from this experience. But I’ll keep an eye and ear on him for the next week or so, just to make sure.



One thought on “News From The Barnyard, Asher In the Hay Feeder

  1. Will wonders never cease. Asher certainly is a character.
    Every day something new, startling and ;interesting happens at Bedlam Farm.
    That is one of the things that makes it so special.

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