Keeping The Quiet

I opened my email early this morning to ship out some of the potholders I sold yesterday, and pay some bills.  Other than that, I promised myself that I would go right to my studio and work on my quilt, without the distraction of going online, trying to keep the quiet feeling I had yesterday.

I allowed myself to get absorbed in making my quilt.  And, although I didn’t finish designing it yet,  it came together smoothly.

I haven’t sewn that strip on the right together yet, and I’m thinking of adding a bit to the bottom. There’s a piece of fabric that I have with some birds on it that I kept trying to make work in this quilt.  Although the colors were right, I just couldn’t fit it in.  But now I’m inspired to try to use it in another quilt.

The colors of this quilt still surprise me when I look at them.   A lot of the fabric is vintage.  The purple silkscreen flowers have the year 1976 printed on it.  There’s a piece of a handsewn apron, an old quilt square,  and a part of a linen tablecloth.   On the newer side, there’s scrubs, a summer shirt, Upholstery samples, a linen dress, and just plain old fabric.

I have to think about this quilt and the colors I chose for it more.  I know there’s a lot of emotion in it.  I’m just too close to it right now to see clearly.  A good place to be, I think when creating.


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