Flo and Woolly Bear

The story goes that the more black on a Woolly Bear caterpillar the harsher the winter will be.  The Woolly Bears are on the move at the farm.  I find them under the cat’s bed, in the wood box, the hay bales, and the woodpile.

They’re, no doubt looking for a safe place to hole up for the winter.

I was taking a video of this Woolly Bear when Flo came into the picture.  I was glad to see that Woolly Bear just kept moving on.  I’ll probably come across her again, curled into a little ball, the next time I gather some kindling from the woodbox she’s walking on.

2 thoughts on “Flo and Woolly Bear

  1. I love these cute little caterpillars. I see them often on my walks in the fall as they try to cross the road. I always pick them up and carry them to the other side. So many get run over by cars.

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