The Patched Together Goddess Doll

When my friend Cindy wrote to me that she wished I could patch her up like I did my old pink chair, I told her I wished the same and that I’d know which fabric to use.

Then she asked me for a picture of the fabric.

But I couldn’t take a picture of the fabric, because it was something I’d imagined.   I knew the fabric would be colorful and have animals on it surrounded by flowers.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find that fabric even if I had to piece it together.

That’s when I  thought that since I couldn’t patch up my friend like I did my pink chair, I could make her something patched together with the fabrics I’d imagined.

First I thought I’d make her a pillow,  but I couldn’t picture it.  So I sat at my worktable, closed my eyes and waited for something to come.  That’s when I saw the goddess doll.

I made her up as I went along, listening to Bellydancing music I  stuffed her with roving from my sheep Zelda and Griselle and gave her lace hair.

Tomorrow I’ll send her to Cindy.

16 thoughts on “The Patched Together Goddess Doll

  1. What a lovely surprise Maria! My mind is blown by this! I have studied every detail of her.I love you for your kind heart. You gave your thoughts and time to me. I am honored. She has a great energy emanating from your sheeps poodley coats. She IS patched together and so will I be. 🙂 She will be traveling with me through this whole affair. Everywhere I go. Hard to type through these tears!

  2. You are stellar, Maria ! What a darling creation and what a gift to your friend !
    We recently moved to a bigger house and I finally have a craft room that my grandson and I practically live in when he stays for days. I think of it as my little studio and can’t help smiling each time I walk in. I’m hoping to channel a little “Maria inspiration” with each project.

    1. Oh a room of your own Laura. It sounds like a magical place and I love that your grandson likes to be there too. all that creativity happening. What a good Grandmother you are to teach him that.

    1. They would have to be different Dorit, because I made this one especially for Cindy. But I may think about making a different kind of Goddess doll. Thanks for your encouragement.

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