Free Shipping On All My Potholders Until December 20th

Come see what I have for sale in my Etsy Shop.

My Etsy Shop is full, there’s potholders, postcards, pins, photos posters and a pillow.

As I did last year, for the next two weeks from today through December 20th I’ll have free shipping on my potholders.  Actually there are just a few pieces in my Etsy Shop that don’t have free shipping.

I also have a few specials…

I’ve reduced the price of my Naiad With The Moon, Goddess of the Spring pillow to $65.  You can read about her here. 

I also have three of Jon’s photos for sale for $50. including shipping (see them below).  These are photos that I have in stock, so they won’t take the usual two weeks to get to you.  They’ll take only 1-3 days to ship, just like the rest of the work in my shop.

Magic Tree by Jon Katz
Red In The Pasture by Jon Katz
Hope by Jon Katz

And there are more of Jon’s Photos at the regular price in my Etsy Shop too.

And since I just got my new Shekinah stickers and want to share the, along with a bookmark, I’ll include a sticker in every order.

So thanks for visiting my Etsy Shop…

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

2 thoughts on “Free Shipping On All My Potholders Until December 20th

  1. Maria, where have the winter bird potholders gone? I’m waiting to see them in your Etsy shop, but maybe you have already sold them. I love the two with the red backgrounds and I’d love to buy them if they’re still available. Thanks!

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