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Lulu and Fate

There’s not much for the donkeys and sheep to do all day and night with snow covering the ground.

I did see a trail leading out to the back pasture.  It stopped under the pine tree, where I imagine they were reaching for the pine needles.  I put a little chicken wire fence around the trunk of the pine a few years ago when they were eating the bark and that has worked.

There were some more tracks along the marsh, where the sheep and donkeys can pick at the taller grasses and low bushes.

I also put a big branch, that fell from the maple tree during the summer, in the pole barn for them to chew on.  Most of the barn is now wrapped in chicken wire, but somehow, the donkeys always seem to find some bare wood to chew on.

It’s supposed to get warm again next week, in the ’50s.  That’s kind of hard to believe since it’s been snowing all day again.

I prefer snow in the winter.  If it’s going to be cold and dreary, at least the snow brightens things up.  But It’s hard on the animals.   So I hope, for their sake, at least some of the snow melts next week and the animals can move around more easily.

Otherwise, it will be a long winter for them.

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