Our Latest Podcast “Zinnia, Vulvas, Creative Risk”

Zinnia, Me and my Vulva Christmas decoration on our latest Podcast.

It was time for another podcast, so Jon and I sat down at his computer in his office and started talking.

Zinnia was there too, chewing on squeaky toys and bones.  So we talked about her and how she has affected our home, work and the people around us.

We also discussed something that is new to me.  My passion and belief in certain ideas that feel so big and obvious to me and don’t always resonate, on the same level, with the people around me.  I realized in the past I would have been afraid to express such enthusiasm for fear of failure, but now I don’t seem to care in the same way.

And I have to say, that feels good.

So come listen to our latest Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm podcast called Zinnia, Vulvas, Creative Risks.  

You can listen to it here or on iTunes and apple podcasts.

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Thanks for listening!


2 thoughts on “Our Latest Podcast “Zinnia, Vulvas, Creative Risk”

  1. Hello Maria,
    Just wanted to let you know Vulva Christmas Ornaments have been around for many, many years. If you google it you will see all kinds, some quite beautiful. There are a lot for sale on Etsy accounts. Penis Christmas Ornaments have been around also for a very long time. They even have vulva keychains…. Wanted to let you know. Take care.

    1. Hi Marie, I have no doubt that there are vulva ornaments out there and I’ve seen some of them and lots of other kinds of vulva art. I was hoping that people would respond to making their own. And the idea of making them out of something as common as a napkin. I was just surprised that I got so little response to the idea.

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