Making Placemats

Every once in a while someone will email me and ask if I ever thought of making placemats.

I have and once I even did.  But that was years ago.

The problem I had with them was their size.  Bigger than potholders, and much smaller than quilts, the scale threw me off.

But yesterday, for some reason, the idea to make placemats popped into my head and this time the scale made sense to me like it hadn’t before.

It took me a while to figure the first one out.  Then I used the same idea to design three more.

I enjoyed making these and can imagine making more if people are interested in buying them.  I feel like I’ve got the size and scale issue down.

It only took me 10 years!

I like the idea of making a bunch of different potholders and letting people buy them individually.  But as happens when I’m making potholders, I often begin working with certain fabrics and keep using them till I run out of one or more of them.

So the four placemats I made today definitely work together, but I still like the idea of selling them individually.

I still have to finish these and figure out pricing. It’s all so new, I’m not sure how long they take for me to make. Not that anything I make every takes the exact same amount of time, but after a while, I do get a feeling for “about” how long.

I hope to back these tomorrow and put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop by Friday if not sooner. I’ll keep you updated.

The four Placemats I made today

13 thoughts on “Making Placemats

  1. Wow These are so colorful and pleasing to look at. They would totally make any dining table if nothing else was added. This is so much fun.

    1. Hi Robin, I don’t feel comfortable taking commissions on the placemats. I’m still in the process of figuring them out the way they make sense for me. Thanks for asking though. Maybe at some point I’ll be doing that.

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