First Four Placemats

My Placemats

I finished sewing my placemats today, as with my potholders they are all slightly different in size and shape.

I sold these quickly, all four to one person.

I can definitely see making more placemats.  Their size lends themselves well to pattern on pattern which I like to do and have a harder time making work on something as large as a quilt.

I’m thinking about the importance of the edges of the placemats since when a plate is on them, that’s the part a person would see while eating.

These four placemats do work well on our orange table.

6 thoughts on “First Four Placemats

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful. Your creativity is inspiring. I am about to start my last project for a gift for my son, bowl cozies. After visiting your blog I feel refreshed! Thank you for your inspiration!

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