Two Quilts For Ellen

The beginning of a quilt for Ellen

I got Ellen’s email this morning.  Would it be possible for me to make her two quilts before Christmas?

No, I thought as I read her email, there is no way.

But then, “no” is often my first reaction to a new idea.  And not always the best one.  I’ve learned to give ideas time.  To not only think them through but let them settle, then see how they feel.

I’ve made a lot of quilts for Ellen.  She’s a good person to work with.  She gives me a sense of colors and a feeling about the person the quilt is for then leaves the rest up to me.

Ellen bought my lastest quilt, Dream Quilt.  I’m was just waiting for the special thick wool batting, that she likes in her quilts,  to come from Minnesota so I could finish it for her.

And that was one of the things that I initially thought would make finishing two quilts for Ellen before Christmas impossible.  It takes about two weeks just to get the batting.

But the more I thought of the idea, the more I softened to it.  Ellen wanted the quilts as gifts for two of her children’s partners who she just learned would be coming to her house for Christmas.  It’s a really thoughtful and loving gift.

Also, knowing I’d be making and selling two quilts in the next ten days was appealing.

So I decided, if I could get the batting in time, I’d make the quilts.

And it turns out that I can. So I started working on the first quilt for Ellen this afternoon.   I got far enough along to get me focused.  I usually don’t work on the weekends, but I’ll be in my studio tomorrow and on Sunday too.

When I told Jon about what I was doing, a big grin spread across his face.  “You’re going to love it,” he said.  “You’ll be in your studio and everything else will fall away.”  I smiled.  I knew just what he meant.  This isn’t a time of thinking and wondering, it’s a time of doing.  For the next week, I’ll have a single creative purpose to focus on.

It will be like my very own quilt Marathon.

This is as far as I got on the quilt when I left my studio this evening.


8 thoughts on “Two Quilts For Ellen

  1. Beautiful color combinations! And for some reason, that small dragonfly just drew my eye in. Maybe it’s that connection to the natural world. Can’t wait to see it completed!

    1. That’s good to hear Barbara. The person who will be getting the quilt has a greenhouse, so I thought the dragonfly would be appreciated, not to mentions that the colors are just right.

  2. I LOVE the colors and the textures of the fabric..the corduroy caught my eye…☺️..can’t wait to see how it evolves…☺️

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