Designing The First Quilt

If I can get to my studio by 11, I told Jon, I’d be okay.  I planned to work till 3 when it was time to feed the animals then blog and have enough time to get dinner ready for friends we’re having over at 6pm.

My Sunday’s aren’t usually so heavily scheduled, but I wanted to get some work done on the first quilt for Ellen.

Around 12:30 there was a knock on my studio door and Jon came in with a piece of fresh bread and liver pate from the Farmer’s Market.  He took a few pictures in my studio using his new lens while I ate my very delicious and much-appreciated snack.

Then we danced.

Ever since I woke up to Jon playing Leonard Cohen’s album Thanks For The Dance, which was produced by his son after he died, it’s either been Lenornd Cohen or Bellydancing music on the speaker in my studio.

Since I started working on this quilt, it’s been, Leonard Cohen.  His music is just right for the mood of the quilt and dancing with Jon.

At 2:40 Fate stood by my studio door looking at it then back at me, over and over again as  Lulu way braying at the gate.   I was trying to find the final pieces for the quilt, wanting to have the satisfaction of having finished designing it.

But Fate staring at me and Lulu’s brays got to me.

So I laid down the pieces of fabric I thought might work and resigned myself to taking a photo of the quilt and quitting for the day.  But each picture I took showed the quilt not as I was seeing it, but how the camera was interpreting the colors and light.

I stomped into the house bitching about the photo when Jon said he’d take a picture with his camera for me.

Jon did a better job of capturing the quilt, although I still see the colors as less distinguished and blending more in real life.  His camera did pick up the different textures though and that’s something that is always hard for me to do in a photo.

Jon’s making dinner, but I’m cutting up the fruit for a salad and I still have to clean off part of our dining room table (which is always piled high with stuff) and bring wood in for the stoves.

I’m a bit tightly wound at this point, but writing about my day let me see those little special moments in it and feel good about the work I got done.  I  know I’m too close to the quilt to see it clearly, and tomorrow I’ll be able to see if those pieces of fabric I laid on the bottom are right or need to be adjusted.

Now I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine and cut up some fruit.



2 thoughts on “Designing The First Quilt

  1. Mountain love. That’s what I thought of when I saw this. I think it’s perfect Maria. Dan and Hannah live in Stowe. This feels just like a mountain cabin in the woods. Cant you just smell the woodsmoke? I can already imagine it tossed on the leather couch in front of the wood stove. Just right for cuddling

    1. You come up with some good titles Ellen. I’m so glad you think the quilt is just right. The batting just got delivered, so soon it will be a whole quilt.

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