Two Quilts, One Week

Fate visiting me as I tacked “Mountain Love,” the first quilt for Ellen.

I draped the quilt over my ironing board and sewed on the patch of fabric that I had stitched its name, the date and my initials on.

I had done it, finished the two quilts for Ellen in one week.

I found the names for both of them, Mountain Love and Purple Moon in the emails and comments that Ellen sent me after seeing the quilts on my blog.

She helped me see in them what I did not.

I never made two quilts in one week before and I’m surprised at how much energy it took me to make them.  I’m surprised at how tired I am at the end of the day.  I keep thinking that it’s not hard physical work so it shouldn’t wear me out.

I guess some part of me still believes that if I’m not doing hard physical labor, I’m not really working.

And yet, I sit here in front of my computer, chin in hands. my eyes closing as I think of what to write next.  Whether my mind thinks I have the right to be tired or not, my body knows otherwise.


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