Zinnia Visits The Valley Artisan’s Market

Zinnia, Jon and Carol

Jon trains Zinnia where ever he takes her.  This afternoon he took Zinnia with us to visited Carol Conkin at the Valley Artisans Market in town.  I dropped off a few of my Yoni Tree pins for her, and since we haven’t had a chance to see each other in a while we got a chance to catch up.

You can see some of Carol’s original batiks and her printed batiks behind Jon, who is giving Zinnia the hand signal to “stay”.

We’re lucky to have the Artisans Market in town.  It’s a co-operative where the artists work a couple of times a month as cashiers. Jon bought me a little ceramic pitcher today, and last week we got one of Carol’s cutting boards as a gift for a friend.

Zinnia was great. After sniffing around a bit, she laid down on the floor and patiently waited until we were done.

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