Reading At The Mansion

There was a big audience at the Mansion today for Jon’s reading.  I’ve been going with him lately and doing some reading too.  I read Ferdinand the Bull and compared Ferdinand to Fate.  Jon read some Mary Kellogg poems and we both read the Wonky Donkey and Dinky Donkey.  They always get people laughing and Jon and I try to say the rhyme faster and faster often stumbling over the words.

Zinnia sat quietly at Jon’s feet, she seems to have figured out what Jon wants her to do.

Last time I was there I read from Jon’s book Saving Simon.  Jon isn’t comfortable reading from his own books, but I am.  And when I read Saving Simon, everyone was really interested in it and asked lots of questions about Simon.

Next week I’m going to read from Jon’s short story book Dancing Dogs.  It’s one of my favorites of Jon’s books (I love short stories, as long as they’re not too weird or sad which many of them are).  I’m going to read Luther and Minnie in Heaven, which is about a woman who meets her dog in heaven and is very surprised that her idea of heaven is different than his.

It’s a funny and thought-provoking story.  I have a feeling the people who were there today would love to hear it.



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  1. I thought I knew all of Jon’s books but the short stories are new to me. Looking up now to see if I can order it.
    Happy New Year

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