Working On My 9th #tinypricks

Working on my 9th #tinypricks

We were having dinner with friends and Jon was talking about The Army of Good and the work he’s been doing at Bishop Maginn High School and at The Mansion in response to the 2016 election.  Then Ellen asked me what my reaction to the election was.

But it took me till the next day to realize how my art has changed since 2016.  My Show Your Soul Posters,  Flying Vulvas, and Yoni Trees are all a result of my focusing more on women and women’s issues thanks to having a misogynist in the White House.

And then, of course, I’ve been participating in The Tiny Pricks Project.

It’s been a while since I made a #tinyprinks. That’s because lately, I haven’t been listening to the news.  Sometimes the news becomes overwhelming to me and I have to take a break from it.

But when I found out that The Tiny Pricks Project was going to be at The Foundry in West Stockbridge MA, which is about an hour away, I got inspired. Jon and I are planning on going to the gallery this weekend and I want to bring a #tinypricks with me.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to make a #tinypricks using the quoteShe had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”.   Trump used it to describe Megyn Kelly when she was asked a question about him calling women “fat pig, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals” during the 2015 debate.

There are many Trump quotes that I could use, and many of them more recent.  But for me, this one says so much about Trump’s feelings towards women.  And even though quite a few people have already used it, I think it bears repeating.

I’ve been saving my tampon strings and using them in my art since 2007.  So when I thought to embroider this quote, replacing the embroidery thread with my used tampon strings seemed a natural thing to do, especially with the very red hankie I had.

I was a little surprised at how empowering it feels to stitch those words in my own blood.  Like I’m not only reclaiming them, but all the ignorant and demeaning things that men have said to me personally throughout my life about women and menstrual blood.

Anyone can participate in The Tiny Pricks Project.  Find out how here. 

And if you need a hankie to embroider your #tinypricks on, I’ll be happy to send you a few, just email me here. 


The quote, red hankie, and used tampon strings.





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  1. Maria, this is kind of crazy yet kind of ingenious! This sounds like something a desperate woman living in a war-torn country would do … use whatever she had available to communicate with the outside world. Makes me think of Anne Frank. It doesn’t get more organic or earthy than that. Pairing bloody tampon strings with Trump’s quote just might be pure genius.

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