The Three Graces, Her Eyes

I drew her eyes over and over again. Each time thinking they didn’t look the way I wanted them too.   And yet, each time they came out the same. I finally gave in.

Trust it,  I thought.  And I did.  Her eyes are expressing what I was feeling even if I not yet aware enough to see it.

I draped the doily around her head, a headdress, hair.

It’s the beginning of a fabric painting.  One I started thinking about in November that includes the image of The Three Graces.   I have some ideas about how to create her body.

Right now the “hair” doily is drying by the woodstove.  I let it soak in the pot of tea to darken it all afternoon.

I’m determined not to think about her too much.  Just take it one step at a time and see where it goes.

10 thoughts on “The Three Graces, Her Eyes

  1. Yes! yes! Looks as if she is turning into a sturdy, quiet, feet-on-the -ground kind of woman. Some one who would give a hug if asked but wouldn’t volunteer it.

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