Three Graces and Rose Moon

This morning I sewed three of the applique pieces that I removed from the quilt I was planning on using as a backing for The Three Graces.

Then I tried to fit the “hair” now tea-stained around the face…

But it just didn’t feel right.  It seemed to be less a person’s face and more a moon face.   So I put the doily aside and tried something else…

When I put the crocheted roses around the face, it all fell into place. ” Hello Rose Moon”, I said out loud.

Then I went online to see if there is a Rose Moon.   Rose Moon does show up as the June or Summer Solstice Full Moon.  But is better known as the Thunder, Buck or Strawberry moon.

So I took a yoga break and as I was sat on my floor and twisted my upper body, I saw the quilt folded on the top shelf next to my books.  It was the red pinwheels like stars that caught my attention.

This is where I left my Rose Moon for today.  I have to figure out her placement on the new quilt backing.  I won’t sew her down till I know for sure.

2 thoughts on “Three Graces and Rose Moon

  1. Rose Moon has stunning eyes full of emotion! This is truly a work of art! Beautiful Maria, absolutely beautiful!

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