My First Walk With Fate And Zinnia

Yesterday, for the first time,  Jon and I walked in the woods with Zinnia and Fate. Today I went for a walk with Fate and Zinnia. My first walk with Zinnia without Jon.

I had a pocket full of training treats and made sure she knew it.  So as soon as we got out of the car I called her to me and gave her one.  After that, every time I called her she came.   Zinnia followed Fate over the little plank bridge as if she’s done it a million times.

It felt like the three of us have been walking in the woods together for a long time.

She and Fate got along as if there’s never been a problem between them.  I did not for a moment worry about her running off.  She not only followed Fate but paid attention to me too.  And she never ran too far without stopping and looking back or actually running back to me.

As we came back to the road at the end of the walk, I told Fate to “walk with me” which means she walks behind me without running ahead.  Zinnia listened as if she knew the command, which she had never heard before, and stayed behind me with Fate.  Then she waited with Fate on the path till I walked to the car, and made sure no other cars were coming and called them to me.

Zinnia hopped in the car, covered in mud from the walk as if she did it every day.

It reminded me of the first few times I took Fate for a walk in the woods when she was a puppy.  She just knew what to do.  I can see the three of us having many good walks together.



2 thoughts on “My First Walk With Fate And Zinnia

  1. What a joyous walk. Three “ladies” out for the afternoon. How cool is that!
    Walking with my new Labradoodle puppy doesn’t seem as calm but it is good for us to get out and walk together.
    What a great beginning for a year that I hope brings you, Jon and all of the inhabitants of the peaceable kingdom. all the happiness the world has to offer.
    Thanks for sharing.

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