New Shrimp and Snails For The Snail Party

Jon and Zinnia at the pet store

“Let me see that again’, Jon said.  It was the third time he watched the video I took of the red snail we got at the pet store yesterday.

On Thursday I saw that one of my Mystery Snails had died.  He was acting unusual for a few days, staying in his shell, or hanging half out of it for a day then moving around again.  But then I saw not only his empty shell but one of the goldfish eating the remains of his body.

Our goldfish Trotsky, eating the remains of my Mystery Snail

With our Snail Party coming up next weekend I decided to get another Mystery Snail for the tank.  Then I went to my friend Jackie’s house (Jackie is coming to the Snail party) and saw her new fish tank with guppies, a Mystery Snail, and two red shrimp.

I told Jon about the shrimp and the next day we were at the pet store.

We got two shrimp, one red and one yellow.  The yellow one blends into the plants so she’s harder to find in the tank, but the red one is very visible and seems to love having its picture taken.

The video above is the one that Jon watched over and over again, as the tiny shrimp (it’s less than an inch long) busily fed itself while at the same time helping to keep the tank clean.

He named the shrimp Hydra after the Greek Goddess. (those little white dots on the plant below are nerite snail eggs.  But they only hatch in saltwater so we won’t be having tons of baby snails.)

One of the bottom feeders and new brown Mystery Snail

But we also got two new Mystery Snails. One with a brown and white shell and the other with an Ivory Shell. Two bottom feeder fish, and a few new plants.

My Snail Party is this Saturday and now our tank is so full of interesting animals, I’m not as concerned that there won’t be enough activity to keep people’s attention.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the new Ivory Mystery Snail.


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