Seeing The Tiny Pricks Project In Person

Jon and Zinnia at The Tiny Pricks Project at The Foundry in West Stockbridge MA

It was powerful to see The Tiny Pricks Project in person after seeing photos of it on Instagram for so long.

I couldn’t help looking for mine.  The exhibit is also going on in Miami right now so not all the #tinypricks are at The Foundry, the gallery we saw them at today.   It took a while for me to find mine with all the others, but I did see three of the ones I made.

I loved my work being a part of that floor to ceiling mosaic.

One of the things I love about #tinypricks is how, from a distance, the exhibit appears soft and colorful and visually intriguing.  It’s only when you get up close and see all the embroidered Donald Trump quotes that you feel the true power of the exhibit.

And when you know that each piece was hand-stitched by different people from all over the world it has an even greater impact.

Although Tiny Pricks is the genius of Diana Weymar, she has brought so many of us together through it. And we all, those of us who participate and those who view it, benefit from it. I dropped off my 9th #tinypricks at The Foundry today.

Tiny Pricks will be at The Foundry through the weekend of the 21st when they will be having a voter registration event.  They are also open on Tuesday evenings and provide materials so people can get together at the gallery and create their own Tiny Prick.

One of my #tinypricks (I think my rhetoric brings people together) with all the others.
This #tinyprick really touched me. I think it’s in the loving way the woman was embroidered and just how harmful those words are coming from someone who has the kind of power that a United States President has.
Another view of the exhibit


8 thoughts on “Seeing The Tiny Pricks Project In Person

  1. I really appreciate the photos and can imagine being there. Gotta hand it to Trump, he is quite quotable – mostly because of the sheer enormity of words he spews into the world.

    Some powerful ones in just this sampling

  2. What a coincidence, Maria. I read your posts about this, then just happened to be on facebook and I saw that an old school classmate had posted a photo of himself and another mutual classmate at his art studio in Tulsa OK, where he has just opened Tiny Pricks exhibit, and our friend Sarah had traveled there with a friend, to see it.

  3. I saw my little hankie with ‘ I think my rhetoric brings people together ‘ in the Tiny Pricks Project. How fitting this is since I have been refugeed twice before coming to America 64 years ago. Now a little part of me will travel all over the country.
    Thank you Maria

  4. I was surprised, too, Maria, to see that my old friend Steve had a showing in his gallery in Tulsa the same time yours was being shown in your area. I had not known about this project until a year or so ago, reading about it on your blog, and Jon’s. I recall you had a link that told about the background of it, which was interesting to read. Keep up your good work.

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