Drawing At The Mansion

Drawing at The Mansion

I collected some things from around the house and made a still-life to bring to The Mansion today. I set them up on the table in the activities room.

Madeline was sitting on the couch so I asked her if she’d like to do some drawing.  She replied as she usually does “Oh I’m not so good at drawing”.  But Madeline is usually willing to be a part of whatever is going on.

And by now I know it’s not true that Madeline can’t draw.  She can and she likes to.

Claudia was already at the table waiting and then Georgiana and Nancy came into the room wanting to know what was going on.

I gave everyone a piece of paper and without my saying a word, each person took one of the objects I had put on the table and started tracing it’s outline on the paper. Then with a little encouragement from me, every once in a while, they each made a drawing that I would never have anticipated.


Claudia chose the pink vase with the peacock feather in it.

Georgiana and Nancy

Georgiana helped Nancy add a little more color to her drawing.


The ceramic shoe that Georgiana traced turned into snake people and then she added a drawing of a smiling Nancy at the top.

And once Madeline finished her drawing of the griffin she traced, she added some more drawings that she made up.

I liked that no one drew what I thought they might.  And that everyone really did get into drawing after a while and seemed to be doing it, not because I was there, but because they were enjoying it.


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