Twin Trees, Healing Trees


I didn’t feel like following anyone else’s path.  So I walked through the woods with Fate following me, not thinking about anything but where to put my feet next.

And that’s how we found the twin trees, growing side by side, their roots covered in soft, bright green moss.

Healing Trees.

I’d been walking for at least an hour, was it them I was looking for all along.  I sat between the tow leaning my back against one, my boots curled against the other, the moss surprisingly dry and warm.

I closed my eyes and let the thoughts and feelings run through me.  I let them come and go without indulging them but letting them have their full say.  And when I was done, I got up, stepped back and Fate stepped between the trees where I had just been.

I fumbled getting my iPhone out of my coat, silently asking her to stay, which she did, as she always does, as if she knows, which she probably does.

What did I feel when I sat between the trees?  I felt safe, like I could have stayed there forever, like they were waiting for me.

6 thoughts on “Twin Trees, Healing Trees

  1. When I looked at the moss on both trees I immediately saw them as feet. Thanks for sharing the healing trees. I’m anxious to get back in the woods near our home. Nursing a sprained foot right now, so this post made me feel better. Thank you.

    P.s. I wrote that mouse story on my blog today. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. I saw the story on your blog Barb! And I hope you heal quickly, so you can be out walking again soon. I can see what You mean about the Tree”feet”.

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