Botanical Quilt

I started my day by undoing.  A while back I sewed a border around the fabric with the tree on it in the photo above.  It’s been hanging on my studio wall since then.  But today I removed that border and started over.

When I was cleaning up my studio I put aside some fabric that I thought would work well with the tree and today I started working on making it into a quilt.  Not only did the tree call to me, but the colors did too.

I don’t remember who sent me that gorgeous piece of fabric with the flowers and their roots.  They all seem to be ascending to me.

This is as far as I got today.

I didn’t get to sew that panel on the right and still have to find a small piece for the bottom of it.  As much as I wanted to keep working on it, by the time I got this far, I was just too tired, in body and mind to do more.

4 thoughts on “Botanical Quilt

  1. This makes me think of Springtime. The bottom square with the roses looks just like the material of a vintage style sundress I wore when I was in my 20’s. Happy memories.

  2. Maria, the images and patterns remind me of spring in New England, but the color palette kind of whispers Miami Art Deco. What a whirl, it works so well!

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