Bud and Zinnia In The Dog House

Bud and Zinnia in the dog house

Bud and Zinnia are the best of friends.

On cold days like this after doing his business and before he comes back into the house, Bud goes into the dog house.  Since we’ve had the dog house, the only dogs who use it are the ones who have lived outside for some part of their life.  They seem to have an instinct or maybe it’s experience, to find shelter.

First Izzy, then Frieda and now Bud.

Today Bud sat in the doorway, the sun keeping him warm and Zinnia keeping him company.

2 thoughts on “Bud and Zinnia In The Dog House

  1. This photo is precious. And Zinnia is keeping Bud’s right side warm. I love the story of their warm friendship. What fun it is to follow it. And I find your insight about the dogs who make use of the doghouse to be absolutely haunting. And that Bud makes a visit to it as a part of his morning rounds in all weather. What a lucky boy he is.

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