Snail Party Weekend

Pearl, one of my new Mystery Snails.

This is it, the weekend of our Snail Party.  We’ve moved the day from Saturday to Sunday night because we’re expecting snow on Saturday.

All week the snails were sluggish.  They were staying inside their shells, not moving around a lot.  But yesterday they started to come to life.

Below is a video of my Mystery Snail Pearl from this morning making her way over one of my nerite snails.   I’m calling her Pearl because of the pearly stripe around her spiral.  She’s the biggest snail I’ve ever had, you can really see her elegant body and antenna as she moves.


I also have a new ivory Mystery Snail, who I’m calling Ivory and Socrates, my blue Mystery Snail.  Not to mention all the nerite snails and the new addition of shrimp to the tank, who are also interesting to watch.

Socrates and Ivory.  You can see all the algae on their shells, I shrimp will have a good time eating that.


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