Griselle Watches Me


Griselle watching me this morning.

Griselle watches me after I put hay in the feeders.  If I go into the pole barn she follows me.  I open the gate to the barn, she steps inside and waits patiently as I get a scoop of grain from the can and dump it in a shallow bucket for her.

The other sheep never catch on that she’s getting grain and they’re not.  They have not been “trained” as she has to leave a feeder full of hay knowing she’ll get something even better.

We’ve been doing this since last spring when the sheep were shorn and we saw that Griselle and Zelda, (who we euthanized at the beginning of the winter) were not able to keep enough weight no matter how much hay or grass they ate.

It’s hard to tell when their wool grows back in how skinny or fat the sheep are. She did well over the summer when she got grain, so I hope she’s doing just as well this winter.


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