A Bigger Botanical Quilt

Botanical Quilt

I spent the day adding some inches onto my Botanical quilt.

Jackie told me the story of the baby she helped deliver 28 years ago who is now a friend of hers.  She made him a baby blanket that he had worn through and Jackie has repaired again and again.  Now he’s getting married and Jackie thought my Botanical quilt would be just right for him and his new wife.

So she, very thoughtfully, asked if it was possible to make it into a Queen sized quilt.  I remembered thinking after I wrote about the quilt last week that I wished it took up the whole wall, like the mural in my grandmother’s kitchen.

I liked Jackie’s story and had enough fabric to make the quilt bigger, so I did.

Since I knew the quilt would be on a bed, I added the extra two feet to the top of the quilt.  That way the tree would still sit in the middle of the bed, with the top resting on the pillows. I also added about 20 inches to the sides.

This is one of the biggest quilts I’ve ever made. Tomorrow I’ll work on the backing, but I might wait to finish it till next week.  I sold out of my Gardner’s Potholders and do like to have potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop, so I might decide to make more before finishing the quilt.

4 thoughts on “A Bigger Botanical Quilt

  1. Always enjoy seeing how your works are progressing, and what a wonderful story to the ‘upsizing’ of this quilt, which from the 1st struck me as very elegant with all the botanical prints and muted colors. What luck that you started it using fabric that you have extra of, to be able to complete it in a bigger size, as a custom order wedding gift!

    New Year and lots of new things for you, different mailers, new phone….. look forward to reading / seeing what you get up to next!

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