My New iPhone 11

Biddy and Liam

The photo above of Biddy and Liam, is one I couldn’t have taken with my iPhone 8.

Last week Jon let me know that he could get a special deal using his Apple card to get me an iPhone 11. I was very happy with my iPhone 8.  Unlike Jon, who thrives on and delights in new technology, I’m the kind of person who was reluctant to get an answering machine all those years ago and only learned how to use a computer ten years ago.

But, over the years, I’ve gotten better.

And Jon (who wrote about me and my new iPhone on his blog) is so good at keeping me up to date.  He’d knew I’d be able to take much better and more creative photos using the camera in iPhone 11.   And even though he claims my photos might compete with his, he still wants me to have it.  Because he loves me, but also because creativity is like a religion for Jon.

He believes in it, preaches it and lives it.   Which is one of the many things I’ve come to share with him.

So today, in between working on my Botanical quilt, I was figuring out and exploring my new iPhone 11. That picture I took this morning of Lulu was the first one I took in daylight.

I’m not completely sure what I did to get the one above of Biddy and Liam.  I did all of the editing to it on the iPhone 11.  I’ll probably be able to figure out what I did eventually (I hope).

But the first photo I took on my iPhone 11 last night is the portrait of Jon below.

I love the warm color and soft background.   And not only does Jon have that very charming smile, but you can see behind him, the painting of him and his donkey Carol, from old Bedlam Farm by Christoper Smith.  A portrait within a portrait.


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