Patient Fate

When we first got Fate she would chase after Red as he herded the sheep, then jump all over him when he laid down in front of them.  Red was always very patient about it.

Now Zinnia does the same to Fate and Fate has become the patient dog.

5 thoughts on “Patient Fate

  1. LOL LOL LOL! What a great teacher Red was. This video is so cute. You dogs even seem to tapk in their own ways. Fate is the understated one. The one who gives me joy with every run around a pack of sheep. And that look on her face as Zinnia jumps on her back is the best.

  2. Too adorable for words. Fate seems to have come a long way in accepting Zinnia.
    Having dogs is the best. Unconditional love and fun.
    To see them romping in the snow is the best.
    Keep on enjoying them. They (and Bud too) are the gift that keeps on giving.

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