What Didn’t Happen At My Snail Party

My Mystery Snails have finally emerged after going into hibernation during my Snail Party.   I took this video today.  It’s a perfect example of what I wished had happened at my Snail Party and didn’t.

Socrates is moving in the most picturesque way, his blue shell and black body contrasting beautifully with the quartz he is walking on.  And Ivory was munching away at the algae on the side of the tank. The fish are darting in between them and the shrimp are hopping around busy as ever.

(I took this video with my new iPhone 11.  The video is clearer than with my  iPhone 8 and the color sharper and more accurate.   Also I had three different Moment lenses that I added to my iPhone 8.  They worked really well, but I had to manually attach them to the phone. On my new iPhone I have a macro lens and wide-angle lens that I can move between with the touch of my finger.   I never could have taken the close-up of Ivory’s mouth eating as I did in this video with my iPhone8.)

2 thoughts on “What Didn’t Happen At My Snail Party

  1. Are snails wary of strangers outside their tank? It is kind of amazing that they were so hard to find at the party.

    1. I don’t know how aware they are of what goes on outside the tank. There are times they are just domant and times they are active. I’ve not be able to see a pattern to it.

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