Zinnia On The Ice

Our little pond is only a couple of feet deep, so there was no danger when Zinnia walked out on the thin ice today.

But still, I was surprised as she quickly walked further out on the ice than I thought she would.  Then the ice she was on broke off and for a moment or two, like in a cartoon, Zinnia was on an ice float drifting back towards me.

As the ice sunk, Zinnia jumped in the water.

I wish I had captured her floating on the ice in my video.  It really was comical.   But I was too startled by the whole thing and was, for a moment, preparing to fish her out of the water if necessary.  It all happened so quickly.

As soon as Zinnia got out of the water she went back to chasing Fate as if nothing had happened.    She was wet up to her belly, but even though she didn’t seem to notice, I brought her back to the house to dry off in front of the woodstove.

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