Sun Through The Apple Tree

Sun through the apple tree

It’s Bellydancing day, so I’ll be leaving my studio early to get to class and by the time I get home, well, my mind really doesn’t really work after dancing so I won’t be doing any blogging.

I did get this photo of the sun through the frost-covered apple tree this morning.  It got abstracted when I used the portrait setting on my iPhone.  It makes me think of a dark fairy tale.

11 thoughts on “Sun Through The Apple Tree

  1. Dear Maria,

    I just have to tell you, as a faithful follower of both of your blogs – and inspired by both! – your videos, photographs, meditations, and just the way you look at the world and your life, bring me a great sense of peace. After a visit to your blog (like tonight, after a satisfying but very hectic, demanding day), I typically end up feeling calmer, more centered, and with a renewed appreciation for creation and all its wonders, even the tiniest and seemingly insignificant. I only want you to feel assured that you provide great value in what you do, in how you are gifted, and in the creative ways in which you communicate. Thank you, Maria (and Jon!). I am so grateful.

    P.S. Like probably a gazillion others, I am utterly smitten with the gorgeous, preternaturally calm Zinnia (great work, Jon) — and with your beautiful new, queen-size quilt!

    1. Jean, thank you so much for your really kind words. It does make me very happy to know that what I do, does so much for you. And Zinnia is pretty special, I understand how you feel.

  2. What a beautiful photo! Haunting.

    Maria this has nothing to do with your photo but I found some old handkerchiefs of my mom’s, some lace .. They are thin but I was wondering if you would like them to do with as you will..

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