Suzy and Liam

Liam and Suzy in the back and Rosemary and Kim up front.

While I rarely see Socks and her lamb Pumpkin together, Suzy and Liam still spend much of their time near each other.  That’s Suzy, with her mouth full of hay and Liam so much bigger next to her.

Rosemary and Kim are in the front of the photo.  You can see the difference between their wool.  Rosemary’s curly Romney and Kim’s long straight Karakul.

Right now thier wool is full of hay, but it will fall away or be eaten by another sheep by the time I feed them this afternoon.   And, by the time they’re shorn again, they’ll be eating spring grass and their wool will be free of hay.

5 thoughts on “Suzy and Liam

  1. Hi Maria, hope you don’t mind a sheep question. What is the purpose of those ear tags? Some of your sheep have them but I don’t see any on Liam or Suzy. Are they required? Just curious. Thanks.

    1. I’m glad to answer your questions Barbara. 🙂 most of my sheep come from other farms except Liam and Pumpkin who were born here. All the other sheep were tagged by their farmers to help identify them. They came from large sheep farms. Some of the tags have come off over the years, and I have no reason to replace them.

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