Tracks In The Snow

The donkey and sheep trail to the back pasture.

It seemed to me there were more animal tracks in the snow today than usual. Some of them were big deer tracks but mostly they were the tiny tracks of small animals.  

Many of them went from tree to tree, others stopped at a hole in the snow, leaves, and soil scratched up where the animal burrowed under the snow or was searching for something to eat. 

There were some feathery marks too that I’ve never seen before.  Then, there is the story below, that looks like an encounter between two animals.

I don’t know who most of the tracks belong too, but I did see the lines between footprints made by a mouse or voles tail, and I’m guessing its squirrels that went from tree to tree.

Our donkeys and sheep leave their own marks in the snow.

Most noticeable in the path they make walking out into the back pasture in single-file. That trail, about 8 inches wide, packs the snow down into the ground so that in the summer the grass is a different color where they walked all winter.


animal tracks in the woods

2 thoughts on “Tracks In The Snow

  1. Maria, What is that track through the snow that looks like a snow shovel was dragged through it? Do you mean that is a track from many (several) animals, night after night? I can’t believe the edges are so sharp.

    1. That’s the trail that the sheep and donkeys make as they go back and forth to the pasture. They tend to walk in single file. And the edges are that sharp, I do love looking at that “line” they make. the trail is about 8 inches wide.

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