Twin Healing Trees: Roots

I continued to work on my Twin Healing Trees.   It’s a slow process, partly because I’m making it up as I go.

After I stitched the trees down, I thought of quilting over them.  Of using the patterns of the folds of the fabric to create the lines of the bark.  It would flatten things out some, but there would still be some of the uneven texture that I’m trying to get.  The trees have a drapey feeling to them now, the quilting might make them a little less soft and more solid feeling.

I’m still figuring out the moss covered tree roots, but I think I got a good start.  I placed some darker, patterned fabric under the roots, but it blended too much and made it hard to distinguish where the trees ended and the “ground” began.

So I was thinking of a lighter color or something with purple in it to contrast the green.  As I was leaving my studio, I picked out the two pieces of fabric below as possibilities…

11 thoughts on “Twin Healing Trees: Roots

  1. When you posted the first photo (I wondered if Mr. Jon took the picture or how did you make it?), you were looking upwards. My first thought was “refuge.” The demeanor in the photo was a look of being safe and secure.

    But in the fabric image which is emerging, you have given the person very expressive, and open, eyes. The image made me think immediately about the refugees at the high school for some reason. The colors and textures of the figure’s costume, and of the trees, is evocative of peaceful confidence, and hope. Very lovely in my mind.

    And happiest of birthdays to another Aquarian (mine was January 20.)!

    1. That’s really lovely Barbara. And I think you read the photo right. And also the piece with her more confident and eyes wide open. I just couldn’t keep them closed when I made this. It didn’t seem right anymore.

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