A New Quilt Sticker

My new sticker.

Sticker Mule did it again, offered me 50 stickers for 20 bucks.  I couldn’t resist.  This time I used a photo of one of my quilts.  I love being able to put stickers of my work and animals on the packages I send out.

I also got a new batch of Flying Vulva Decals.   They’re $5 including shipping and  I’ll send a Flying Vulva button along with it for free.  You can buy them here. 

Flying Vulva Decals

2 thoughts on “A New Quilt Sticker

  1. Ok. Don’t know why it spun into my head, but when it popped up on my screen, I envisioned a circular vortex of vulvas. Would make a great wreath! And the sticker is terrific.

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