Pumpkin And Liam, My Wethers



Pumpkin and Liam are our two wether’s (castrated male sheep) who were born on the farm.   Both their mothers are Border Leicesters and their father was Ted, a Cheviot Ram that we “borrowed” from the same farmer who gave me  Socks and Suzy, their mothers.

Pumpkin and Liam have very different personalities.

From the time he was born, Pumpkin has always been quiet and shy.  He still has a very soft baa, almost like a whisper compared to the other sheep.  He’s a little smaller than Liam, but still one of my biggest sheep.  Pumpkin minds his own business and keeps to himself.  He never got used to me touching him, but every once in a while I get close enough to get a picture of his gentle and handsome face.

I always think of Liam as being the hero on the high school football team.  He takes charge of things, looks out for the other sheep, is friendly, can be aggressive and pushy, but also easy going.  He’s gentle with people and loves to have his back scratched.   And he seems to love to get his picture taken.


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin And Liam, My Wethers

  1. I like these pictures of the two boys. Pumpkin sounds like a sweetheart. I’m surprised at how clean Liam looks … like he was just groomed. Can you even brush through fleece? Would the sheep allow it? Just wondering.

    1. It can be difficult to keep their fleeces clean when they get into brambles. But mostly they get hay in their wool in the winter and that doesn’t seem to stick. Shearing them twice a year helps, because the detritus doesn’t build up.

  2. I love the image of a pink hummingbird hovering near a small delicate flower against the black background of Liam’s nose.

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