Minnie and Zinnia, Friends?

I’m not sure if Zinnia is more interested in Minnie or the cat food she was eating.  But I do know that Minnie would be friends with any animals that wants to be friends with her.

Her first friend at Old Bedlam Farm was Winston the Rooster.  She sat by him as he was dying.  She also used to wrap herself around the donkey’s legs, until our donkey Simon picked her up in his mouth one time, leaving a bald patch on her back.

She even got friendly with my dog Frieda who, at one time, tried killing every animal on the farm.  When Frieda got older it wasn’t unusual to see them sharing a bed.

Now Minnie spends most of the time with Flo and the chickens.  She and Flo cuddle up on the cold days and Minnie is always happy to share a meal with the hens.

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