February Snow

I wasn’t expecting snow, we’d heard ice and rain.  But the sheep were quickly covered as the snow came down this afternoon.  I fed the donkeys in the barn, then Fate and Zinnia and I went for a walk in the woods.

3 thoughts on “February Snow

  1. Maria last week was very busy for you and Jon with your regular routines and also the addition of the needed support you provided to your friend in crisis. And alas dealing with your upper New York weather. Wishing you a get well blessing / I see you are being well watched over with jon and fate caretaking of you

  2. Dear, Precious Maria, I’ve been praying for you in the way I was taught to pray for those who are sick. It is amazing to me that I can love someone and care so deeply about a person I’ve never actually met. But you reveal yourbeautiful heart to us thru your beautiful writing, so I do know you in a special way. I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HOW GLAD I AM THAT YOU ARE BETTER!! THIS WORLD BE BARREN W/O YOU!!

  3. hoping you are feeling better, Maria. I know you were well cared for by Jon and your beloved dogs…..perhaps you just needed to rest after the intense emotional experiences of the past week. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
    Much love to you
    Susan M

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