Making Potholders Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle


My Butterfly Potholder that I designed from fabric in my scrap bin

When I make potholders from my scrap bin, it’s like I’m doing a big jigsaw puzzle.  I have all the misshapen pieces of fabric in piles, and I get to find the ones that go together.

Designing potholders is instant gratification for me.  First with each piece of fabric I sew together then in being able to make, what I see as, a very small quilt very quickly.


3 thoughts on “Making Potholders Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. I love scrap sewing too! My oldest sons quilt started out as a scrap fabric placemat and just kept growing. I incorporated some scraps from dresses I made for his girls and it has turned into a fun game of I Spy when we visit our son and grandkids. Fabric scraps a magical I read on Jons blog that you’re not feeling good, hope you are feeling better today!

    1. Oh that is fun Josie. I’m going to make a quilt with the people who live at the mansion, maybe we’ll do it the same way, just keep adding to it till it’s done!

    2. Oh Josie, that is fun. I’m going to make a quilt with some of the people who live at The Mansion. Maybe I’ll do the same, just keep adding to it. Thanks for the idea.

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