News From The Barnyard

It was below zero degrees when I went out to feed the animals this morning.

The snow-covered path to the barnyard had a deceiving layer of ice beneath it.  So after I realized that (by slipping but not falling) I walked in the snow.  The gate was frozen but nothing a cup of hot water couldn’t take care of.

I left the door to the chicken coop closed hoping to keep some of the warmth he hens generated being there overnight in.  I did refresh their water, brought them some leftover peas and saw they were still working on the pineapple end I gave them a couple of days ago.

I notice that the bird feeder was low, and knew I had used up the last of the seed, so I knew I’d be making a trip to the hardware store later in the day.

The sheep and donkeys were impatient to eat and Lulu chased the sheep away from the sheep feeder again so I  moved most of the hay from the sheep feeder to the donkey feeder so the sheep would have enough to eat.

Zinnia crunched on the broken icicles that fell from the barn roof and Fate ran around the sheep, which isn’t really news because she does it at least twice a day.

After being sick I was still feeling tired today, but it felt good to be out feeding the animals again.


2 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

  1. I’m really glad you’re feeling well enough to go back to these chores. Taking care of animals helps us feel better, doesn’t it?!

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