The Other Two Vintage Hankie Scarves For Linda

The third Scarf for Linda

Linda, who I’m making the four Vintage Hankie Scarves, left this comment on my blog yesterday….

My daughter was wearing one of your scarves when she visited a few months ago. I didn’t know it was one of yours and I sat in the cafe as we talked and envied her scarf.

She is from New York City and so I was thinking it was some sophisticated boutique buy that I would never find. I told her, “I envy you your scarf. I love it.”

She said, “well, you ought to love it, you gave it to me.” She unwound it from her neck and I realized it was a vintage hanky scarf.

Every time she visits she looks at a window where I have two of them hanging. They are so beautiful in the window, I can’t take them down to wear. She always says quite pointedly, “you know, you can’t have too many scarves.” So I have ordered 4 more and one will go to her.”

The forth Vintage Hankie Scarf for Linda

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