Half A Woodshed Of Firewood In February

Inside the woodshed

Everyday I fill up two cartloads of wood from the woodshed and bring them into the house.  One cartload for each woodstove.

Towards the end of January, I always think of something I heard of Vermont Public Radio the first year we moved to the farm.

Even though we live in New York, Vermont is close enough that we pick up VPR.  And I prefer their programing and sensibility to the Public radio out of Albany.  Because on VPR, they talk about things like firewood.

And it’s there I heard that if you have half your firewood still left in February, you’ll have enough to wood for the rest of the season.

From this photo it may look like most of the wood in the woodshed is gone.  But there’s a row and half to the left that you can’t see in the photo and three more outside the woodshed.   And as we get into March and April, we should be using less and less.

Since hearing that old Vermont wisdom, I’ve used it to gauge if we have enough firewood for the season  and it always brings me comfort come February.

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