Making A Community Quilt At The Mansion

Making a quilt at The Mansion

I called up Julie, the activities director at The Mansion Assisted Living Facility, to make sure she was able to get the fabric that was stored in the basement.  I was teaching a class today and if she couldn’t get the fabric I’d have to come up with a different idea quickly.

Someone donated the fabric and when Julie told me about it I thought it could be fun to make a community quilt.  Something to leave on the couch in the Activities room.

When I got to The Mansion, Julie was spreading the fabric out on the table.  I brought two sewing machines, my Viking that I use all the time and my old Singer that I recently got fixed.

I told everyone to choose two pieces of fabric they liked.  Julie and I would do the sewing while Ruth, Claudia, Nancy and Becky each designed their own quilt square.

Julie was happy to use the Singer because it was like her machine at home.  She helped Claudia and I rotated between sewing for Nancy, Ruth and Becky.  Each time I sewed a piece two pieces of fabric together I’d ask that person to choose another.  Then I’d lay the patch of fabic on the floor and move the next piece of fabric around it letting that person decided where the next piece of fabic should go.

In with the fabric were some quilt squares that were already sewn.  Becky chose to start with an American Flag square and add on to it.   Nancy liked the purples and Ruth told me I was bossy, but still seemed happy to pick out fabric and tell me where they should go.

We were having such a good time I stayed a half hour longer than usual and set a date to continue making the quilt next month.

I took the quilt squares home to iron and trim.  I’m not sure if the same people will be there to work on them in March, but whoever shows up, well just start more squares or add onto the ones we made today and eventually sew them all together.

When we get the quilt top done, I’ll take it back to my studio, put batting and a backing on it then bring it back for everyone to tack.

The four quilt patches we made today.  Becky, Ruth, Nancy, and Claudia.


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