Smiling Donkey


Lulu, who has been so grumpy lately, seemed to delight in this morning’s snow.

There’s something peaceful about the kind of snow that fell overnight. It blurs the sharp edges and straight lines, it softens sounds.  It lays on the trees, gently merging the land and sky at the horizon into one.

Maybe that’s what Lulu was feeling.  She even shared hay with the sheep at the feeder instead of chasing them away.

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4 thoughts on “Smiling Donkey

  1. Love donating to your blog. I miss my farm, animals and country life. Your photos and writing make me feel good 🙂 I love how your photos show the unique spirits of the animals and trees you care for. I truly belief the animals reveal themselves to your camera and spirit. You capture the photos because of your love and respect for them. Thank you Maria.

    1. That’s a really beautiful thing to hear Janet. I don’t actually know that I’m doing that, capturing the animals in that way, I just find the photos that show the way I see them. But then I guess that’s what you’re saying! Thank you so much for donating to my blog. If I’m ever without my animals I know I’d look for a way, perhaps a through a blog to see others.

  2. Maria, I wish you a warm and loving Valentine’s Day. I’m glad you are feeling better. Normalcy is an oft overlooked yet peaceful place to be. What a beautiful snowfall you had overnight. All the snow has skipped us this year, so I have to enjoy everyone else’s snowfalls!

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