My Madagascar Hissing Roach and Penguins For Valentine’s Day

My Valentine from Jon

I never took Valentine’s Day seriously till I got together with Jon.

I used to be dismissive of it. But really, when I think of it now, why not take any opportunity there is to celebrate love.  Not just romantic love, but any kind of love.

This year I had no idea what I’d do for Jon for Valentine’s until he told me he was naming a Madagascar Hissing Roach at the Bronz Zoo in honor of me.  We decided to name the Roach Jackie after our animal-loving friend Jackie Thorne.

(After asking what they eat, Jackie joked that she was unsure what to think about being named after a roach.)

Once I knew I was adopting a Madagascar Hissing Roach, I wanted to go see them.  So as we planned a trip to the zoo, I saw Jon’s face light up with that “little kid look” when he saw they had a special program where you could meet a penguin.

A penguin and a cockroach all in one day at the Zoo!  What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We’ll be going on March 8th.  Jon made reservations at a 1950’s style motel(that I’ve been dying to stat at) halfway between us and the zoo where we’ll stay overnight.

I’ll be sure to take pictures of Jon and the penguins and Jackie our Madagascar Hissing Roach.

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