The Trade, Moment Lenses For Batik

Me and Carol yesterday at The Artisans Market in front of Carol’s art. Photo by Jon Katz

The only disappointing thing about getting my iPhone 11 was that I wouldn’t be able to use my Moment lenses with it.

My favorite was the fisheye lens and I’d come to know exactly how and when to use it. I have since found out that my iPhone 11 has settings that are similar to the fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens I was giving up.

But I also had all these wonderful lenses with no use for them and wanted to give them to someone I knew would appreciate them as much as I did.

Around the same time I got my new iPhone,  I saw on Instagram that my friend, the batik artist Carol Law Conklin had updated her iPhone 6 to a 7 plus.  I always look forward to seeing Carol’s photos on Instagram.  She has a great eye for light, color, and composition.  You can feel the emotion she has for the subject of her photos, rural landscapes, trees, her horse, Llama, her cats and her batiks.

So on Sunday Jon and I went to see Carol at the Valley Artisan’s Market in town where she was working her bi-monthly shift.  I brought the lenses and showed Carol how to use them.

She wanted to give me something in return so I’m going to pick a couple of her batiks prints on fabric to use in another quilt.

Carol began experimenting with the lenses today.  You can see all of her photos here on her Instagram page amityfarmbatik. 

4 thoughts on “The Trade, Moment Lenses For Batik

  1. Bartering is the best. And you are pushing me slowly into the idea of upgrading to an 11, probably when it is older and cheaper. Excited to hear they have built in such nice lenses and features.

  2. I am glad to see that the bartered system is in your area to. My husband helps the neighbor with taking his crop out in the fall and then the neighbor does ours, no money involved. I have done the same with my friends but traded eggs, garden produce, and labor.

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