Hens In The Barn

I can’t imagine why the hens chose to come out of the coop today, in the middle of a snowstorm, after staying in the coop for days. Maybe they just really needed a change of scenery.

They spent the day in the far corner of the barn, out of the wind and snow.  I threw them some mealworms to snack on, but mostly they just hung out in the corner of the barn, scratching up the dirt floor.

When it got dark they went back to the coop to roost as usual.

4 thoughts on “Hens In The Barn

  1. Maria, I love your farm animal photos. We think of chickens as being cowardly but this one’s direct gaze into the camera makes her look quite formidable. Great shot!

    1. She isn’t afraid of the camera and seems to love to pose, she is very regal. Our other hen is an Ameraucana, she much more shy and harder to get pics of.

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